Creamy Chicken and Vegetable Gnocchi Soup

Creamy soup stuffed with vegetables, shredded chicken and delicious gnocchi.

Ingredients: – chicken breasts – salted butter – olive oil – garlic cloves – onion – matchstick carrots – all purpose flour – chicken broth – chicken stock – milk (we use fat free) – spinach – gnocchi

Step 1: Boil the chicken for about 30-45 minutes. Check doneness by cutting into chicken breast. Set aside to cool and once cool, shred chicken. Step 2: Chop up onion and mince garlic.

Step 3: In the stock pot, melt butter and add in olive oil. Add in onion, garlic and carrots. Step 4: Cook until onions are translucent and garlic is fragrant.

Step 5: Add in flour, stir into butter and olive oil immediately to create a roux. Let the roux cook 1-2 minutes. Step 6: Add in chicken broth and chicken stock, stirring the roux into the liquid as it pours.

Step 7: Bring the soup to a simmer and simmer on medium for 15 minutes so the soup can thicken. Step 8: Boil gnocchi following the directions on the package.

Step 9: Add in milk and bring to a boil. Step 10:  Reduce heat to low and add in spinach, chicken and gnocchi.

Step 11: Let cook for about 5 minutes before serving..

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