Fluffy Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pancakes

Sweet, fluffy pancakes drizzled in maple syrup and melted butter or a cream cheese glaze to help create the perfect Sunday morning brunch option.

Ingredients: flour salt baking powder cinnamon brown sugar eggs milk

The Steps

Step 1: In a medium bowl add all purpose flour, baking powder, ground cinnamon, salt and brown sugar. Mix the dry ingredients together.

Step 2: In a large bowl, add the eggs and whole milk. Whisk together. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix until combined.

Step 3: Heat the griddle to medium heat and coat with cooking spray, olive oil or butter. Spoon about ½ cup of pancake batter onto the griddle at a time.

Step 4: Allow each pancake to cook until the wet side begins to bubble and then flip. This will take about 3-5 minutes. Cook another 2-3 minutes and remove from heat. Drizzle with syrup or desired toppings before serving.

Hint: using an electric griddle helps me get my desired temperature every time. I am able to always cook pancake recipes perfectly. You have very good control over the heat which makes them very desired for pancakes. It is also easy to take on vacation and feed a crowd.

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