Sugar Cookie Martini

This sugar cookie martini recipe is a creamy, rich and sweet martini that is perfect for the holiday season.

Ingredients:  Whole Milk Irish Cream liqueur Vanilla Vodka Amaretto Vanilla Icing Sprinkles

The Steps

Step 1: Add ice to a cocktail shaker and add icing to a small plate. Add whole milk to a measuring cup and pour into the cocktail shaker.

Step 2: Measure out Irish Cream liqueur and pour into the cocktail shaker.

Step 3: Measure vanilla vodka in a measuring cup and add to cocktail shaker.

Step 4: Add amaretto into a measuring cup and then add to cocktail shaker. Put the lid on the cocktail shaker and shake until mixed. Rim the martini glass with icing and then coat the rim of the glass with sprinkles. Pour the martini into the martini glass.

Hint: chill your martini glass prior to pouring your mixed martini into it in order to help keep your martini chilled longer.

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