What to Serve with a Cheese Board

Cheese board are a great way to bring people together. Packed with soft cheeses, hard cheeses, fresh fruit, and much more there is always something on the charcuterie board for everyone.

A Few Ideas to Try

On the board: Colby Jack cheese, Garlic Jack cheese, brie cheese, Iberico ham, summer sausage (honey or smoked), buttercrisp crackers, three seed crackers, sesame sticks. Dips and Spreads: hot honey mustard, bacon pepper jam, peach preserves.

On the board: Rosemary and Olive Oil Asiago cheese, blue cheese, dry jack cheese, toasted sesame crackers, water crackers, salami, candied dried apricots. Dips and Spreads: Fig jam, pepper and onion relish.

On the board: merlot cheese, brie cheese with honey, fresh goat cheese, apple cheddar, crostini, serano shoulder, salami, harvest wheat crackers, sweet peppers, almonds. Dips and Spreads: Flavored cream cheese, seasonal jam, onion and pepper relish.

On the board: Havarti cheese, gouda, mozzarella cheese balls, rosemary crackers, butter crisp crackers, salami, prosciutto, pistachios, peaches. Dips and Spreads: fig jam, cream cheese, pepper jam.

These are of course just some suggestions. There are hundreds of pairings you can try. Have fun with it! Charcuterie platters are a blank canvas that you can play around with and create whatever you want!

Hint: A good rule of thumb is to always try and add a softer cheeses and a harder cheeses. I also like to have a good mix of mild cheeses and sharp cheeses. Good cheese varieties help please a multitude of people.

For the full guide as well as a lot more recipes, check out www.thebutteredgnocchi.com or click the link below!