Finger Sandwich Board

These dainty sandwiches are perfect to serve at a baby shower, bridal shower, tea party birthday party, game day, or any special event that you are hosting.

Ingredients: white bread tuna sweet onion mayonnaise eggs parsley flakes cucumber slices cream cheese fresh dill

The Steps:

Step 1: To create the egg salad bring a pot of water to a boil with the eggs in it. Once the water begins to boil, set a timer for 15 minutes. This will hard boil the eggs perfectly. Peel and use an egg slicer to slice the eggs. Mix with mayonnaise and parsley flakes.

Step 2: To create the tuna salad, add the tuna to a bowl. Dice the sweet onion and add in with the tuna. Add in the mayonnaise and mix well.

Step 3: To create the cucumber sandwich, chop the dill and mix with the cream cheese. Slice the cucumber. Spread the cream cheese mixture onto the bread and then add the slices of cucumber.

Step 4: Once the sandwich is assembled, slice the crust off of each sandwich. You are then going to vertically cut each sandwich into four equal pieces. Assemble your finger sandwiches on a plate and serve.

Hint: add some fresh herbs to your finger sandwich presentation to really add an extra flair to the presentation. This will make your appetizer more inviting for your guests. This will make your appetizer more inviting for your guests and is the best way to elevate your party food.

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